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There is loads of Nutrients in the Growshop hydroponics world. It's up to you to find which are the bests. Of course it depends the way you choose to grow indoor. For exemple, for Soil, 75% of growers goes straight to Biobizz. For Hydroponics,Advanced Nutrients, Hesi or Canna are the best sells. But still there is some like Metrop ( MR1, MR2... ) who are really really good. It's a new generation of Pure solution comin' from the Netherlands. And they know how to do it the Dutchs!

About growing in Coco...well Hesi or Canna

A few nutrients advices


Regardless of the nutrient soil/fertiliser you choose, during the first 1-2 weeks of life and the first 1-2 weeks of flowering, use half the amount (or less) of nutrient solution the manufacturer recommends; i.e. if their packaging says use 10ml per gallon of water, then use just 5ml per gallon of water for these first few weeks of the stages. It is essential to not over feed then when they are young. Most times we ourselves will give them no additives with their water for the first few weeks.

Veg stage

During seedling/vegetative growth the plants need lots of N (nitrogen). They also need a fair amount of P (phosphorus) and K (potassium), 20-10-10 in our scenario or something with these similar ratios of N-P-K, and secondary nutrients, and trace elements will be good.


During flowering the plants need more P (phosphorus) and more K (potassium) than they did during vegetative growth. They need some N (nitrogen) but not as much as they did during the veg stage. They still also require their secondary nutrients and trace elements. If you used 20-10-10, as in our scenario, for the veg stage then try using 10-20-20 for flowering.

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