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Grow tents

Grow tents

We sell for the moment only the best grow-tents in the Market. And irish growers deserve the best. Everybody knows the famous Secret Jardin Darkroom II grow tent with differents Sizes, from the Darkroom 40 to the Darkroom 240. There is also the budget secret jardin darkstreet and the darktwin if you need a places for your cuttings.

The homebox grow tent is a german grow tent with differents size as well like the homebox X, xs, L, XL, xxl and the normal homebox or the Silver line grow tent who'is a little bit like the Dark room.

We hope that you will find what you need in our grow tents complete kits, our goal is to have soon the more choice in Ireland and why not in the world ;) of grow tents complete kits with differents lamps ( Cfl, lumatek,...) and differetns reflectors ( Diamond reflector, adjust a wing reflector, coolschade cooltube ).

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