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Grow lights

Grow lights

The type of grow lighting utilized depends on the size of growing room as well as the technique used. Indoor cultivation generally requires the light intensity to be between 2000 and 3000 lumens per square foot for good yields. Tungsten filament bulbs are quite inefficient and produce much more heat than light.

There is certainly a great deal of debate about the relative merits with the several varieties: fluorescent tubes, mercury vapour, metal halide(MH) and higher pressure sodium (HPS) and nowadays it is common to see CFL bulbs, basically energy saving bulbs. Generally mercury vapour and MH are beneficial through the vegetative progress stage and HPS are best for flowering and 'acceptable' for the veg' stage.

CFL's and fluorescent tubes are general purpose. Nowadays some HPS bulbs are being made and sold with 'dual spectrum' meaning they have enough of the blue and red bands of light to see your plants through both stages of development and that is what we use ourselves in the main.

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